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We are excited to offer childcare services to families looking for a family dayhome in the Tri-County area (Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County).  Families searching for childcare may complete our Childcare Application and return it to the office via email, or in-person.  The link to our Childcare Application can be found below.

How Does Parkland Family Dayhome Agency Support our Families?

· We facilitate the selection of a suitable Childcare Educator
· We coordinate back-up care for your child (if possible) when your Childcare Educator is unavailable
· We regularly monitor the childcare environment
· We are available to discuss your child’s care and development
· We administer the Childcare Subsidy Program on behalf of enrolled parents
· We issue official receipts for income tax purposes


How Do I Register My Child With Parkland Day Home Agency?

· Complete our request for Childcare
· Apply for Childcare Subsidy (if applicable)
· Contact and interview with Childcare Educators
· Choose your Childcare Educator and sign the Parent/Educator Agreement
· Complete the Parent/Agency Agreement
· Make payment arrangements with the Agency
· Begin Care!

Back-up Care:

One advantage to placing your child in care with a licensed Day Home Agency is the potential for obtaining back-up care should your Childcare Educator become unavailable.  The Agency can contact other Educators on your behalf and, if possible, arrange care with an alternate choice.
*It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Agency if there is a need for temporary back-up care.

A Back-up Information form must be completed and signed by the parent before care begins.  This form will accompany your child(ren) to the home of the alternate Childcare Educator.



Consultant visits to Childcare Educator homes (both scheduled and unscheduled) are conducted regularly in accordance with Agency and Provincial Standards. Should you have questions or concerns about your child’s care or development, please contact the Agency office.

Resources to Assist with Your Selection of a Childcare Educator

Choosing Childcare - Childcare Checklist

You can use this planner to help organize your questions and record information from your interview with child care programs.  You may wish to make additional copies of this planner.


Choosing Childcare - Telephone Interview Planner

This checklist will help you to look for important indicators of quality child care.  Space is provided for you to note your observations when deciding which child care program is best for your family.


Choosing Childcare - Interview Tips

Coming Soon

Choosing Childcare - Prioritizing Your Needs

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