Quality Dayhome Providers are Always Needed!

A Provider is responsible for the safety, health and well-being of all children in care. Daily routines include opportunities for children to grow and develop physically, socially, intellectually, creatively and emotionally.

Becoming a Dayhome Provider with Parkland Family Dayhome Agency means you are a self-employed, contracted individual offering childcare in your own home. You are committed to creating an environment that promotes optimum development in children. You are guided by the criteria outlined in the Government of Alberta Family Dayhome Standards Manual.

How does Parkland Family Dayhome Agency support our Dayhome Providers?

· Connect families with Dayhome providers
· Collect childcare payments
· Guaranteed income for days/hours worked
· Issue monthly Accreditation funding and other incentives
· Assist Providers in achieving Provincial Child Care Assistant Certification*
· Deliver support and mentoring through a qualified Consultant
· Provide ongoing training and workshops
· Offer ideas/solutions/strategies for
supporting positive child development
· Mediate with conflict resolution
· Arrange for liability insurance
· Coordinate back-up care through our network of accredited Providers

*For more information about Childcare Certification,
click this link.

How do I become a Provider?

Potential Providers may contact the Agency office to schedule an interview with a Childcare Consultant. Successful candidates will then be given an application package containing the documents needed to begin the approval process. Many applicants are well-suited to operating a childcare program in their home and eager to operate within the parameters set by the Province. However, this option is not a good fit for everyone.

All applications are appreciated and considered, and those applicants deemed suitable will be contacted to proceed with the approval process.

Your initial application will include:

·Provider Application Form

·RCMP Criminal Checks (including Vulnerable Sector) for all residents of the home who are 18 years of age or older

·Childcare Intervention Record Checks for all residents of the home who are 18 years of age or older

·Medical Form (for Provider) completed by your physician

·Completed menu and activity plans for one month

Throughout a series of visits we will familiarize you with the practices and Standards found in Licensed and Accredited Family Dayhomes. We will work with you to integrate the Standards into your program.

First Aid Certification must be completed within two months of contracting with the Agency.

Please also review the Alberta Certification Guide for prospective dayhomes by clicking this link.